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"THAI MASSAGE LOTUS" offers you the original, traditional 'Thai Pressure Massage' (Nuad Phaen Boran) here in Nuremberg. This form of massage has been practiced widely in Thailand for centuries. It is used to remove blockages and tensions of the body, as well as to release the body's own healing energies. It is orientated toward the 10 SEN Energy Lines of the body - comparable to the meridians - the same lines upon which Chinese acupuncture is based. But unlike Chinese acupuncture, which stimulates only single pressure points, Thai Massage follows a course of movement along these energy lines.

The traditional Thai Pressure Massage does not include sexual stimulation!

Come and indulge yourself with a beneficial, pleasant & refreshing massage, given by Thai women expertly trained in the massage techniques of Nuad Sen as taught in the traditional Massage School of Wat Po.

Enjoy the benefits of Original Thai Massage in a relaxed & harmonious atmosphere!

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